Winners of “Birth Matters Virginia Contest” (2009)

Congratulations to all these filmmakers and ‘media midwives’. I truly know what it is like to create these labors of love.  My hat goes off to you all and your work.


The top 11 finalists in alphabetical order:

Birthing Plain and Simple, by Lynn King (Indiana):

Do You Doula? by Julie Clevidence (Ohio):

Doulas Make a Difference, by Marla Yeatts (Virginia):

Educated Birth, by Margaret Dombrowski: 

Home Birth/Water Birth of Judah Darwin, by Rachel Zucker (New York):
Home Birth DIY Labor and Delivery, by Ryanne Hodson (Virginia):’s Worth It, Kat Hickey (Indiana):, Becky Carey (Virginia):

Natural Born Babies (Part 1& 2 considered as one entry), Kip Hewitt (California):
Prevent Cesarean Surgery, Ragan Cohen (California):
The Nature of Natural Birth, Laura Alvarez (Wisconsin):
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