Hanna, Priscilla and Bruce

Hanna, Priscilla and Bruce

September 3, 1999

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Lots of support during labor, first baby, nervous parents. So glad she was in the water, couldn’t imagine laboring without it. Talked about all the women that do this out of the water AND laying down!

 Dad’s “typical” labor face

Pushing a baby down and out IS NOT like taking a big poop!  Why do they tell women that? Power and force surging through my body, with or without my help. “I can do this/Oh/No, I can’t/Oh, I gotta DO SOMETHING!”

Father getting some pointers on how to help.

She’s out! She’s coming up to me, I can’t believe I did it. She’s here! She’s here, honey, look, we did it! Being birthed right into my Momma’s hands. Daddy helped me, too, as I started to come out. Our midwife made sure both my Mom and Dad had their hands on me first, kinda even before I knew I was out, they had me.

First lesson in breastfeeding, first latch-on. Feels so nice to still be in the water and hearing Mom’s heartbeat, hearing familiar voices and getting my tummy filled!
We did it!

Proud parents Priscilla and Bruce of little Hanna.
1:47am, September 3, 1999
6 lbs 14 oz.

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