Daddy Plays Catcher For Hayden

Hayden, Caught by Daddy

February 11, 2007

Original Article at Halesowen News

Daddy’s Delivery
Thursday, February, 22, 2007

A Halesowen mum has paid tribute to her “hero” husband after he delivered their new baby boy on their bathroom floor.

Baby Hayden was delivered by his shocked dad Matt Collier (pictured above) just two hours after mum Elaine was turned away from Russells Hall Hospital.

After spending hours being monitored with suspected broken waters they were assured second-time-mum Elaine wasn’t in labour and sent her home at around 7pm on Sunday February 11.

As Elaine was experiencing backache she decided to have a bath, leaving husband Matt downstairs watching television.

As she stood up to get out of the bath thirty-year-old Elaine said: “It was like I had popped. I was convinced I had lost the baby, I starting screaming for Matt. When he got to me he could see the baby’s head coming out.”

Quick-thinking Matt leapt into action and dialled 999 but with no time to get to hospital, he had to turn midwife to deliver the baby himself.

The proud mum said: “He was absolutely fantastic, he was so calm, you could see the adrenaline in his face.”

Without any time to get towels, thirty-four-year-old Matt delivered his son right there on the cold floor tiles.

The shell-shocked parents were amazed when a fast response car from Staffordshire arrived straight from a road accident, with three paramedics covered in mud.

Elaine said: “They were brilliant but they knew nothing about delivering a baby and one of them had to ring his dad for advice on cutting the cord!”

“I was in agony but the only pain relief they had in their bag was morphine and six-plus Calpol. So I was given two sachets of Calpol and an Ibuprofen!”

“The whole family are so proud of what Matt did, he’s our hero, he’s certainly one in a million and I love him so much.”

Elaine said: “The shocking and scary experience turned into a magical moment when he placed Hayden onto my tummy knowing we’d created and delivered our beautiful baby into the world.”

“This is experience that will stay vivid for the rest of our lives.”

“Big brother Ryan is absolutely smitten and tells everybody he sees how his daddy played doctor and delivered his baby brother. There is a tremendous bond between them both, Hayden really is daddy’s little boy.”

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