Romanian Woman Has Twins Two Months Apart

Romanian Woman Has Twins Two Months Apart


Tuesday, February 8, 2005
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IASI, Romania – A 33-year-old Romanian woman who gave birth to a son in December on Monday gave birth to his twin brother almost two months later in what has been called a medical first in Romania.

The mother, Maricica Tescu, has two uteruses due to a rare congenital malformation, said Mircea Onofriescu, a doctor who manages the Cuza Voda Maternity Hospital in the northeast city of Iasi.

Tescu gave birth Monday to a 5.7 pound baby boy by Caesarean section, 59 days after giving birth vaginally to the first child, a 3.5 pound boy.

The two babies and the mother are doing well, Onofriescu said.

The first baby now weighs the same as his brother, and the two will be released from the hospital at the same time, after about a week.

Tescu, a landscape gardener, also has an 11-year-old son.

“I’m happy everything turned out well,” she told news agency Mediafax.

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