Grace Ellen’s Birth

Grace Ellen’s Birth

Birth – after many years, was an unnerving thought to me – until I found the Gaia midwives. They helped me prepare for this birth by encouraging my healthy lifestyle and by believing in my ability to give birth.

When I realized that I needed to be induced again – I trusted my midwives to help me with the process – and they did. I was required to have an IV and also to be on the monitor just about all the time. Despite those few restrictions I was out of bed, changing positions and encouraged to work with the labor as the pitocin drip started to bring on regular contractions.


Once my waters broke it wasn’t long until I felt like pushing. What I’d hoped for was not to be rushed to push – but to have a peaceful birth. The room was quiet and the lights dimmed. My husband, the midwife and two nurses were the only ones in the room. No one yelled, or told me to hold my breath and PUSH! I could not believe how strong the urge to push became and then I pushed. Grace was born with only five or six pushes in all.

She was placed on my chest and not until the cord stopped pulsing was it cut. The birth of my second daughter was a time in my life I will never forget. It was hard work. Thanks to the caring and compassion of my midwives, I will always remember Grace Ellen’s birth as a time of joy!

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