Miles Benjamin

Miles Benjamin

My Birth Story

My second son – Miles Benjamin – was born a few weeks early – just like my first son. But that turned out to be the only similarity between my two birth experiences. This time my bags were packed and I was emotionally prepared. I knew my baby was going to be on the small side so I was trying to quickly gain weight in my last month and hoping to deliver at 40 weeks.

Just at my 38 week mark, I was visiting my parents when I felt “different”. It was time. My son was ready to meet us and greet the world.

After my membranes ruptured the next morning, I called Dale and Robin. I labored for a few hours at home and then drove to Huntington Hospital. Because I was GBS positive, I knew that I would be getting an IV drip with antibiotics. When my labor did not progress, I needed medication to help me have stronger contractions.

I had a long and difficult labor without an epidural or other traditional pain relief but the pain was reduced and made bearable thanks to the constant presence and massages of my husband and the midwives, who each stayed with me for several hours. I was never alone and never felt any fear. The support I had was absolutely essential in managing the pain.

When I finally began to push it was – home free! I pushed out my little guy – all 5 pounds 14 ounces of him – in just a few minutes. My husband “caught” the baby and then cut the umbilical cord with the encouragement of my midwife. I’ll never forget the look of awe on my husband’s face as he held our second son.


I had a quick and easy recovery and left the hospital after one night.

I am smitten with our second son, just like my first and feel incredibly blessed!

She was placed on my chest and not until the cord stopped pulsing was it cut. The birth of my second daughter was a time in my life I will never forget. It was hard work. Thanks to the caring and compassion of my midwives, I will always remember Grace Ellen’s birth as a time of joy!

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