Wonderful Birth

Wonderful Birth

PicStoryMomWonderfulA Wonderful Surprise!

After having three uncomplicated hospital births in my home city in Germany, we decided to have our fourth baby at home, hoping it would be easy and with no difficulties. (We were in the United States because of my husbands teaching job.)

In the early morning of July 16th, my contractions began. I waited until 7am to call Dale. I told her the contractions were around every 15 minutes. They were not really painful and as in my previous labors they continued through the day. They got stronger around 6:30pm. Dale and Robin arrived soon after we called them. The contractions were every 6 minutes. From the time they arrived it took me 4 hours and 30 minutes till my baby was born.

I was thankful to be in my own home surrounded by my caring midwives, my dear husband and my best friend. We spent the time talking, laughing, and listening to music. The midwives helped me during labor with a back massage, suggesting a new position and breathing. I was relaxed, felt comfortable knowing I was surrounded by experienced and very capable hands. I was thankful not to be rushed to the hospital, hooked up to medication or having an IV put into me.

When it was time to push, I tried the birthing stool my midwives had brought. It felt good to push and in a very short time my beautiful baby girl – an unexpected surprise – was in my arms.

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