Vision Statement

Through new science and technology, we are learning how nature works: integration of the gene, atom and brain. Because of this, increased power is given to us. We affect our evolution by everything we do. These new powers can either destroy our life support systems or move toward a hopeful future of infinite possibilities. Birth Balance bridges ‘user friendly’ quantum science, spirit and human potential into fertility, pregnancy, labor/birth and parenting.

Welcome to the generation of choice. Moment to moment, stay present in your breath, bodies and connected to the babies. Where do YOU stand in the evolution of consciousness as we delve into the new emerging human condition?

It’s time to individually and collectively take responsibility for our future while in the present. By using our creative power to guide us, through co-creativity, cooperation within groups, individuals, families, organizations and societies we can envision and create images of our greatest potential that is good. The result: the emergence into a universal humanity of extraordinary proportions.

Mission Statement

BIRTH is three-fold in the bringing of a life to the planet. The BIRTH of the BABY is concrete and life transforming. The rite of passage for the woman from maidenhood to pregnancy to post-partum is HER BIRTH into motherhood. The partner evolves and grows directly or indirectly through the sharing of conception, integration during pregnancy, assistance during labor/BIRTH and the transition into fatherhood/parenthood.

BALANCE begins from within, being clear with desires and wishes, open to the possibilities of unexpected changes, knowledgeable and educated in the process, up to date in resources, support groups, asking pertinent questions regarding uncertainties or procedures. BALANCE is finding a support team where there is mutual trust, goals, open communication, and clear boundaries.

BIRTH BALANCE is committed to:

  • The belief that pregnancy and birth are healthy, natural and normal processes for which a woman’s body is brilliantly designed. Your body knows how, your baby knows how.
  • Care for people using holistic principles by recognizing each individual encompasses physical, emotional, social, spiritual and vibrational elements that work synergistically to create a whole.
  • Honor, respect, compassion and nurturing choices made by the parents.
  • Assistance in the discovery and implementation of free will, a voice of ones’ own, initiated from within. Encouraging one to take an active role in wellness through education, an essential part of quality health care, and communication.
  • Making sure nothing is done to the mother or baby without your knowledge and/or permission.
  • Advocacy for the couple and baby to give birth where you feel safe, supported, calm, comfortable and respected for their individual needs.
  • Support for the collaboration between all professionals with specialized knowledge and skills.
  • Promoting mother-friendly childbirth practices.
  • Increasing public awareness about choices/options during pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Building bridges within the medical community to promote professional, collaborative relationships.
  • Providing referral services to the community.
  • Fostering a sense of community by networking with other families and birth-related professionals.
  • Encouranging a basic sense of trust in all parties abilities to support, assist and actually birth thier babies.