Water Babies by Eric Sidenbladh

Water Babies by Eric Sidenbladh

Special thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the use of these photos,
from the book “Water Babies” by Eric Sidenbladh.


Igor Charkovsky, pioneering Russian physiologist,
exercises a young baby in water, using a large glass tank.


Many babies who have been given exercise training in water
from a very early age appear to be as comfortable in water as dolphins.


In a Moscow pool, American visitor Doug Gunton receives instruction from waterbirth pioneer Igor Charkovsky (not pictured) in techniques for “water training” and exercising young babies. Charkovsky’s methods, although somewhat controversial outside Russia, are believed to be beneficial in creating greater balance and agility in the infant.


Appearing as a mythical sea goddess, this modern Russian
mother exercises and plays with two babies in water, in Moscow.


A Russian mother practices Igor Charkovsky’s esoteric method of breastfeeding her baby underwater. By momentarily associating the pleasure of feeding with being underwater, Charkovsky believes this technique enhances the baby’s comfort and enjoyment of water. Please note that a special technique is used to insure that the baby does not breathe water. Also, the baby is dunked underwater for only one second at a time. Do not experiment with this technique without proper instruction from a water-training expert.


This Moscow mother has just delivered her baby in water in a glass tank,
assisted by Igor Charkovsky (not pictured).
If you look closely you may be able to see that the umbilical cord is still attached.

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