Kierian’s Waterbirth Story

Kierian’s Waterbirth Story
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Even though he was born almost two years ago, I stIll remember Kierian’s birth vividly. I had already had a week of false labor which we tried to convert into the real thing. After what seemed like a million miles, very tired feet, lots of Mexican food and two castor oil shakes, we decided it wasn’t really time yet. Three weeks later it started again. The due date was still a week away.

I couldn’t possibly have gotten any larger. I’d already relunctantly had a second ultrasound to rule out twins and rule in a bigger than normal baby. The contractIons were just like before – 1 1/2 minutes long and 3 minutes apart. So, of course this was false labor AGAIN. WRONG!!!!!!

After about an hour of not being able to get comfortable and my mom watchIng me like a hawk, I wanted my hubby home NOW. I called and he said he only had about an hour left to work. Could I waIt until then? Well, I really didn’t want to. He called again a minute later saying he was on his way home. Within those 30 minutes, I took two baths and talked to the midwife. My contractions were painful until Paul got home. My mom was just at a loss. She had never experienced anything like this, even though she had three kids of her own. Once Paul arrived, I was able to remember what to do and I relaxed a bit. I dId my squattIng, whIch took all the pressure away and really opened me. I lived in that position a lot while pregnant.

We got to the bIrthIng center and MelanIe checked me to see if it was the real thing this time. I was at 6 cm. “I’ll go fill the tub” she said. Those were the sweetest words I could have heard. We knew from the beginning we wanted a waterbIrth. My sister-in-law had her second son – fIrst waterbIrth – at the same birth center. When we got in the water it was 11 PM. I relax totally in water and knew this would be perfect for me. I slept through my entire labor. I only remember bits of it, lIke “waking” at 7 cm. I wanted to push and midwife LaurIe checked and said I was at 10 wIth bulging water. She broke the bag and I went back to 7, then 30 mInutes later I was back at 10 again and startIng to push. I remember lookIng at my mom and sayIng “you dId this three tImes?” Paul remembered his mom saId “Well, I did it four times!”

Thirty mInutes later, Kierian, our son, was born. I felt him coming down. I don’t remember seeing his head come out, although I know I did. I do remember feeling his head under water with his body still inside me. I’ll never forget how soft and perfect he felt. His shoulders were too big to fIt and weren’t coming out, so Laurie helped me onto my hands and knees and out he popped – so fast that he tore me. He didn’t want to cry and it took a lot of coaxing. he got a 7 at the one minute mark because of this. He was perfectly happy in daddy’s arms not crying. My mom – being a funeral dIrector – was just about having a heart attack at this moment. Kierian looked dead to her. Boy, did she love that first cry.

I flipped back over and Paul handed our son to me. We sat in the tub for what seemed like a long time, just holding him and watching him wiggle. I don’t remember when the placenta came out or when the cord stopped pulsating. I wish I did. We listened to the moment of birth music a few times then. Melanie related moment by moment, i.e. head crownIng, head out, body out. He was born into air to a G String by Bach. We got the CD for Christmas. I loved the birth and wouldn’t trade it for anything. We had beautiful music for our son to hear, water for him to feel, candles for him to see, and lots of family to love him from the first moment. We had two mIdwIves, mommy and daddy, my mom, Paul’s mom and dad and lIttle sis and little bro, all takIng pictures. He was born at 3:33 AM and we were home by 8 AM. I’ll do it this way everytIme – I hope lots. Next tIme, however, we’ll be doIng It at home.

— AngeI and Paul

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